Monday, April 19, 2010


I can not stress how much exercising is important in your healthy new lifestyle. Along with a healthy change in diet you will see much success. Here is what I do on a daily basis

Monday: I have my training class from 6:30 till 7:30. I drink lots and lots of water during this, and work at my breathing making sure to pay attention to my heart rate as well. We mix cardio, and strength training to make it fun. No class is alike, so it always keeps things interesting and fun. The girls are very uplifting and we all work together to make it a fun expierence. After the class I take a hot shower, and am planning on starting to use the sauna that is available at the gym. I then drink a large glass of water to rehydrate my body further.

Tuesday: This is a day of rest and body recovery from the night before.
Wed: I have another class on this day and do all the same things as I do on Monday.

Thursday: This is another day of rest.

Friday: I work out at home once in the morning and once in the evening. In the morning I do 100 hundred crunches in different positions, and then I hold a plank stand for 2 consecutive minutes. After this I drink a large glass of water. In the evening I do another 100 crunches, and the plank stand.

Sat: I repeat my workout from Friday.

Sunday: This is a day of rest.

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